wow... so once again it's kind of been a while...I don't like that!... but mainly because -ironically- life has been a little messy! 

As I mentioned in my last post, i've decided to base my portfolio unit around the idea of mess and "cognitive dissonance". The main idea within the project is that it will be an exploration of wilder, freer illustration techniques -pre-existing and imagined!- and of mess as a concept and a reality... the different faces that can take. 

As a big part of the project is experimenting practically with weird and wonderful methods, a big part of the write up is documenting these, so i've taken to half videoing -half photographing so far. This is new for me, and so far i've recorded one full experiment and a semi introduction to the project, so here goes:-

**GAH! problems uploading :S will try again later**