well..... considering 6months ago I could never have made my own blog.... let alone done all the fiddly changey bits... i'm pretty proud of this... and pretty stoked at myself too... yey me! haha!

One thought i had whilst making this, was that you can take the girl out of Viscom, but i guess you can't entirely take the Viscom out of the girl....well not yet at least :P

 ...Plus....hey, I have a pretty cool blog to show for it, so i think at least for now that i'm ok with that. :)

For anyone reading this and wondering, I began an Fda in Visual Communication at AUCB Bournemouth in September last year. I'd completed a Foundation course at the same place two years previously- on the illustration/graphics pathway- and "graduated" to a place on Viscom at the end of it.

A degree is a massive commitment in all sorts of ways, and there are people dying in the world who will never have the chance at having a proper house let alone a degree, so I took a year out to work and to travel, and to think about wether I could justify being a part of that.

I prayed and thought a lot on my gap year, and spent some time in China, which not many people realise is a third world country.  Besides an overwhelming sense of gratitude and guilt at having such incredible blessings and life-options freely before me, the huge void between the poverty and riches that i saw made up my mind for me, that I wanted to use my life to make a difference to the people who need it, and to do that with whatever tools God puts in my hands.

..It turns out God has a sense of humour, and so somehow in His plan, He's made it that I help people using pens, paper, fabric, paint, and whatever other unconventional materials you can think of. Whilst i'm  not exactly sure yet how this work will equate to my helping people, i know that "all things work together for good for those that love the Lord." :)

 So in short that's how I came to be at AUCB. I began on Viscom with visions of working in charity advertising, but it was a constant struggle and a lot of not doing the things i love. So eventually  it was that 6 months later God opened the door for me to move to BA (Hons) Illustration, and that's where i've been ever since, and God willing, where i'll be 'til 2013! :)