other Mother's Day...

... i work part-time in a supermarket, and amongst other things, it kind of increases my hate and real sadness about public holidays (Christmas, valentine's day etc). 

I don't want to sound old and cynical, but I know what real love is like, and what it looks like, and that's why it really irritates me seeing so many people willingly mugged over every year, buying crappy useless stuff for these holidays out of a sense of obligation!

I have this belief that if you really REALLY love someone, you should tell them every day, and show them all the time, in personal, NON-EXPENSIVE (!!) creative little ways, NOT in ways that are hugely expensive or mass-produced!!!

I guess this is probably a really unpopular view (of course, 'cause it means we need to make an effort and get off our asses to organise and do and makes things specially!) but for me that's what the essence and the remnant of these holidays is supposed to be about.... showing people who are special and lovely, that we think that they are special and lovely. 

SO.... with this in mind, for the last 2 years our house has had a kind of alternative mother's day... and today (kind of unimaginatively but it's the only day i could get off work!) we celebrated that! 

As part of other mother's day, we took my mum on a mystery tour and looked around a garden centre and in an aquarium shop and at some tents. Then we had a drink in a pub in the countryside, and took her out for dinner. It was nice, and hopefully let her know in a unique way, that she is unique and pretty special :)

....mush aside, i've started taking my camera out with me in search of "mess" and found some other strange/inspiring/ interesting and curious things that i thought i'd share. :)