I am reading...

Newest magazine discovery.... Mollie Makes...mMMmmmmmMMmmm!!

With the tag lines "living and loving handmade" and "for people who love the crafty life" it was never a question of IF i would buy it..more a question of when (straight away when I saw it.. if you're wondering! :P). Living up to high expectations, I am about to embark on making the "flower felt kit" that came with this months edition -YEY!- maybe spilling over into a "crafternoon" (adding to favourite words list, courtesy of Mollies Makes :P). 

In my eyes and on my shelves Mollie Makes is not so much a rival to Oh Comely (the original craft magazine fetish :P) as its partner in crafty crime! I like to think that when i'm out of the house they sit on the shelf together and conspire ways to seduce my money and bring me into an even craftier life :P. The best bit of this is that they needn't really bother, as to quote Jerry Maguire, they had me from hello.  

Happy crafting! :)