Summer Show

I haven't managed to catch many summer shows this year (not because i'm lazy, but because i've had an operation!). But prior to having it, I did manage to see the graduate show at the Arts University College Bournemouth where I study.

Unlike foundation level shows, graduate shows are more decisively split into subject areas, which I think in some ways is a real shame, as it allows a closed-minded approach to art, rather than the forced openness that is required in viewing -and being subjected to- many/all mediums of "art" in a combined collaborative exhibition.

In an attempt to counteract similar closed-mindedness on my visits, I made an effort to visit work in disciplines other than my own, and to visit several firmly outside of those in my immediate "interests".   
All things aside, this was a challenging and informative experience, and some of the work was unexpectedly very interesting and even inspiring. Here is some of what caught my attention (accreditation given where possible) -

Fine Art
 Kimberley Brown (www.enjoy.kimsgallery.co.uk)
Mixed Media installation

 Leah Watts
 "Who made that mess?" 
Mixed Media installation

Amy Marie Stephens
"The Imaginary Order"

They say the simple ideas are the best, and in this case they were definitely right!! Lots of conceptual fine artwork can seem fairly distant and obsolete to the average individual, but this seems like a really relatable and interesting concept to me. It reminded me of an article I read recently about pets in the workplace (read it here)and seems like a great idea for a product - a calming projection on a workspace wall, or a good alternative for a care-free pet!

 E. Smith
"Mountains and Manifestos"
Mixed Media

(Much better images of the whole installation can be found on the blog above).

Fashion and Textiles
Sophie Hall
Hand and digital print

Probably my favourite piece of the exhibition, but there was no clear labelling of whose it was, and no exhibition guide. :( Any suggestions please comment or send answers on a postcard to...! 

Visual Communication

Kayleigh Thompson  
Lake District Souvenirs set.

Other great looking work:
-Jack Prendergast www.prendesign.co.uk
-Josh Mitchelmore www.joshmitchelmore.com
-Felicity French www.felicityfrench.co.uk