What i have been doing in the time since I last blogged....

By all intents and purposes, I have been "mentally blogging" for the last few months, but not got quite as far as the computer!! So here is what i've been up to- 

June 2nd- Trip to London
My original plan was to visit Love Is What You Want (Tracey Emin at the Hayward) plus a graduate summer show, but time not-permitting I visited the Hayward and explored Covent Garden instead. 

I came across this in the concrete multi-storey behind the Hayward. In the cold echoey shadows, it seemed so perfectly placed.   

On a chirpier note, there was also this giant STRAW sculpture, looking like some child-eating character from a Roald Dahl story...

...and a building that looked like a beehive!

 I also came across Hope and Greenwood -"purveyors of splendid confectionery"(!!)- and their lovely staff and delicious Rose Cremes in Covent Garden. yum yum.