ToOoo long.

it's been a long time I know... far too long.. I am very sorry! Nonetheless (fun three-words-in-one-actual-wordness!!) 

I am here now.....KABOOOOOOOOOM!

ha! well... news for today: 

1)a nice lady bought my mum a book called "You Are Special" by Nancy Goudie and it's FULL of pretty, continuous line-drawings by Charlotte Cooke. Check out her website via the link :o)

2) Charlotte Cooke has contributed to an AMAZING project called "They Draw and Cook" (good food + great illustration = WOOHOO!)
Check them out here:
(p.s. they also have great type in their logo :P)

3) I stumbled (literally, thank you StumbleUpon!) across the most incredible short film. It's called The Butterfly Circus but more on that later. If you have a spare half hour -no matter what mood you're in- follow the link and WATCH IT. :o)

Be blessed. x