The Illustrator and the Myth of the Perfect Business Cards

Apparently it is a secret rule of business that nobody will know that you are professional, unless you give them a card that tells them so (!)

Don't get me wrong, I like interesting business cards, but i'm also struck by the humour of the idea that you can summarise an entire person on a 3inch piece of card.

So, with the weight of business card expectation hanging over me, I have been mulling over what mine should say about my practice -and about me- for a while.   

However, I have concluded that sometimes business cards -like other things in life- are better when they're simple, funny, and not overly serious or design-tight. 

As such, here are mine, soon to be on their way to me courtesy of the lovely people at Moo and the Royal Mail.


I am hoping that if nothing else, the cards will raise a smile, and perhaps catch the eye on other aspiring businessy people, breaking the myth of the PHANTOM PERFECT BUSINESS CARD!

 Perhaps they will even make people want to collect one to keep, just like I do.