..so i've been avoiding essay writing all week...and a half.. and tomorrow i'm gunna HAVE to start....GAH. 

In other news, i made some nice procrastination gingerbread today -dinosaur shaped!!- and had a tutorial to decide next project theme -conclusion: science and growing. Following this, i rinsed the children's section of Winton library for books on scientific related things...for which battle will probably commence tomorrow morning or Saturday on my lunch break. [Thanks Cal for the company :)]

Throughout the day I also checked in and out of Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave's Red-Nose-World-Record-Radio-Show (great job, respect to them) and found an interesting photographic blog: http://meetmeat9.tumblr.com/ (see images below). The photographer has an element of Mark Borthwick about her work. 

Well....Auf Weidersein for now!

om nom nom!!