Linda McCartney, a new brief, Bob Dylan, the pie maker and a camera.

yesterday we got our new project brief - self-initiated creative practice- and in searching for inspiration i rediscovered my love of Linda McCartney photography. Looking through her photos, I love her talent for capturing the real essence of her subjects and creating images that
reflect that in their funny, natural presence. In her book "Linda's Pictures" there is a really interesting
juxtaposition of  

"commercial" alternative portraiture, and warm, deeply natural and homely imagery. I love her ability to seemlessly capture small and quirky moments, and share them with everyone through her work. It just makes me sad that like the good Bob Dylan and the Pie Maker (what an amazing name for a book!) Linda is gone too. Maybe her, talented Bob, and Chuck, Olive, and Emerson are all eating pie somewhere with Jimmy Hendrix playing in the background?!

...Whilst I doubt it, i would like that.... and if nothing else it would make a great photograph. :P