medium sized adventures..

wow... turns out blogging is a whole chunk of difficult when you forget your password!! Needless to say, problem solved :P. 

That aside...... i am -STILL- currently working on my "mess" project.

So... i'm often inspired by the little things that crop up in my day, fall into my lap, hide in a bush and catch me by surprise....you get the gist! More often now i'm trying to use these as inspiration for illustrations, or at least to record them and keep them "on log" maybe to use at some other time, and who knows, maybe one day (or over the summer?!) I will collate them into a book. This is an idea which as I write it sounds more and more appealing, so let's see! 

Anyway...with that in mind, and because i'm taking LOTS of photos right now, here is a run down of current medium sized adventures.....

  Mr. Snail and the big green box


 cars and felt tips
                                       jet washer!


illustrations still to come :) 
(all photos by me)